Frahnds in da house!! 3/19/16

March 20th, 2016

 So 2day, i went 2 Pinstack, and for those who r actually reading and don’t know what Pinstack is, its a bowling/arcade/bumper cars/laser tag/basically likemain event-thing. Anyways, i went 2 Pinsack 2day ad me and my friend gina went won some stuff; she had 844 tickets (2 cards were combined) and i had 1242 on my cad and while she got a starbucks cup and $5 dollar gift card (which MOI won for her) and she traded some of her tickets for a COCO* PHONE ( a “retro” phone [its o actually that old] that connects 2 tablet, fone, and computer and you can talk though it), and i trade my tickets for a small locker, which gina origanally wanted, (it’s the one in the pic) and i have 422 tickets left on my card.

well, thats it FRAHNDS………Laughing  

(gina says HI) Beam_with_flower

Hallo folks!!! | March 11, 2016

March 12th, 2016

   Laughing I painted ma nailz!! Do ya’l like them? They’re all glossy and everything 2!! i did them ALMOST pefectly, 1 or 2 have a few very, shall we say, slight ”gashes”……..























































































































































































































































(I was really bored when i wrote this, so PEOPLES, DONT JUDGE Laughing)

Back In Blog Town!! | 3/8/16

March 9th, 2016

Guys,this a continuation of the b-site that recently started bugging out!!! But, i have to state rules for new readers


ABSOLUTELEY NO POTTY-MOUTH OR YOU R OFF MY SITE (!!!!!!!!!!!), AND NO CYBER-BULLYING I DONT WANNA HEAR NONNA DAT CRUD ON MY B-SITE, YA GOTTIT’ FOLKS, cuz im NOT fooling around. I don’t want anybody get hurt emotionally (and [possibly] physically) the site this is a friendly zone, and for all peoplewhoknow about the site Beautylish, pls help memake it like that. Beam_with_flower thx guys [who r actually reading this!!]!!!

Hello world!

March 9th, 2016

Welcome to Your blogging will start from here…